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Our Rooms

Our rooms are designed to accommodate smaller groups of children.  It is imperative that our children feel happy, safe and secure in their environment.  For every booking we offer FREE taster sessions which allows a period of time for you and your child to adapt to a new setting and set of routines as well as having time to bond with our Early Years practitioners.  We use a Parent Link app which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone to record your child's day at Nursery, such as meals, toileting and daily activities.  We also download pictures of your child so that you can view these throughout the day.  Seeing your child happily playing in the sandpit, painting or on the big slide in the garden is reassurance that they are having a fantastic day.  The app allows a two-way communication platform between the Nursery and parents so comments, questions and observations can all be logged onto your child's diary.  We are also more than happy to receive phone calls, transferring your call to your child's group if you wanted direct communication.


Our Baby Room


Our Baby room is a very homely, cosy and bright environment.  We pride ourselves in our cuddles and in between song-time, reading, painting and baking, we give as many cuddles as the day allows us!  For all new starters we ask parents to send in a current routine sheet outlining your babies routine and we are guided by you in terms of sleep patterns, milk requirements etc.  We understand it can be hard to leave your baby for a period of time and therefore we highlight to all new and existing parents that they can phone the Nursery as many times a day to ask for an update on their little one.  We take our babies outside whenever possible (weather permitting) into our extensive garden where they have their own dedicated area full of toys and equipment to play with.  Whatever the day, our babies have plenty of fun ... and cuddles!



Our Tiddler, Toddler & Junior Rooms


The children of these groups are fabulous, fun and flamboyant!  We have a Daily Routine sheet to structure our day in terms of group activities and one-to-one carer/child sessions.  It is important for all children to have the interaction with others, developing their imagination (such as role-play), their social skills, communication and learning to share.  However, we focus highly on the one-to-one sessions whether it be reading, painting or song-time in order for us to observe every child's development and their progress.  We also choose a 'Special Helper' each day amongst the children to encourage a sense of nurturing and caring for others.  The children also enjoy their music time, often requesting particular songs during the day so they can either sing-a-long or dance to.  We take the groups out into the garden on a daily basis (weather permitting) whereby we play hide and seek, racing through the maze or simple imagination games to name but a few.  We also use the garden area throughout the year for Easter Egg hunts and at Halloween Spooky Ghost hunts.  During Summer we also sit outside to have our afternoon tea picnic style or set up the paddling pools for a bit of water fun!


Our Pre-school & Seniors Rooms


Our Pre-school & Seniors groups focus on structured learning through play and fun.  Number games, colour recognition, shape recognition and phonics is all part of the daily routine.  Morning registration, weather-board and circle-time is fundamental to the children in developing their listening and communication skills in the run up to them starting school at the age of five.  Children are issued with their own Home-Learning School Bag which they can take home each night.  We issue a simple (non-compulsory) home-learning task to complete each week to encourage parent interaction.  Pre-school and Seniors children also love to bake, often making their own bread and using this for their afternoon tea (dipped into a lovely home-made vegetable soup)!  Gardening and outdoor activities are also high on our agenda with the children enjoying our garden facilities daily (weather permitting).  We take books outside, such as "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and create our very own bear hunt around the garden.  We make snowmen during the snowy months and have water play during the Summer.  Every day in Pre-school and Seniors is fun!


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