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Testimonials - from our 2022 Graduates

“THANK YOU, BYE BYE, SEE YOU LATER – To all the incredible staff at The Lyme Nursery.  They say it takes a village to raise a small person, well it’s fair to say you have been ours. The support you have provided has been incredible.  Being in the military you worry so much about leaving your child, but our son has thrived with you and turned out into the loveliest of boys.  Your kindness, patience and reassurance to us has meant the world.  Can’t believe after 4 years he is now off to school!  Thank you ALL so much for everything, love Mum & Dad.”  ES & CS.


“FLOWERS – To all at The Lyme Nursery, it’s with huge hearts that we thank you all for the nurture and care you have given to our daughter over the last two years.  You have all played a huge part in her development and happiness.  She has thrived under your care and (despite the tears) loves coming to nursery to see you all.  This period of time will always hold a special place in our hearts and although our daughter is ready for the next stage we know she will miss you all dearly.  With love and best wishes from Mum & Mum. xxxx”  LEW & FEW


Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery
Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery

“BEAUTIFUL HAND PAINTED CARD – Thank you!  To all the staff at The Lyme Nursery who have looked after me over the last 3 years.  For all of the fun times, party times, playtimes, storytimes, outdoor fun, kindness and cuddles, love and support during my time at The Lyme Nursery.  Lots of love, SB (aged 4) xx”


“THANKS BUNCHES – To all the staff at The Lyme Nursery, we can’t believe it’s already time for our daughter to say goodbye.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for her over the past 3 years, she has loved The Lymes and it has become an extension of our family.  We are so sad that our daughter is moving on, but know that because of all of you, she is ready and prepared for school.  We could not be more grateful for all the love and support.  Thank you, Mum & Dad.”  TR & SR  (From their daughter, aged 4 – sorry I’m leaving, I am going to start school soon.  Thank you for all the fun I have had and all the playing, I will miss Nursery.).

“THANK YOU – To everyone at The Lyme Nursery, thank you for looking after me so well and for all the fun times I have had with you.  I will miss all the Nursery staff - Mandi’s magic lipstick, playing monsters in the garden and the police game with Samera.  Making silly soup with Isobel, cuddles with Maria, doing ballet with Tori and eating Hanna’s sweet and sour!  Love from EMc (aged 4)”


“LYME NURSERY, THANK YOU FOR ….. ABC, 123, SINGING MY FAVOURITE SONGS, TEACHING ME SO MANY NEW THINGS, HELPING ME SHINE BRIGHT, READING THE BEST STORIES, HAVING LOTS OF FUN THINGS TO DO, HELPING ME TO GROW, BELIEVING IN ME, HELPING ME TO DREAM BIG … AND BEING THE BEST, LOVE FROM PH X – To everybody at The Lyme Nursery, we cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful care that you have given to our daughter over these past 3 years.  Your kind, caring and compassionate staff have brought our timid, shy, anxious and worrisome daughter into a bold, confident, caring and kind individual who makes us proud every day and we cannot thank you enough for that.  We will miss hearing the stories about your cats, magic lipstick and fear of spiders at home that she tells us at home.  (They don’t forget a thing do they!)  You have been more than accommodating with moving days to suit my shift work and it has been appreciated.  Thank you all again so much, we wouldn’t recommend anywhere else and feel genuinely sad that our daughter is leaving.  Best of luck for the future, Mum and Dad xxxx.”  GH & CH.


 “THANKS A BUNCH  - To everyone at The Lyme Nursery, words are definitely not enough to express our gratitude for the support, kindness and love we have been shown by everyone at The Lyme family!!!  We will miss you all, best wishes Mum.”  NO


“A BIG THANK YOU, THIS IS THE VERY BIGGEST THANK YOU I  COULD FIND - To all the staff, thank you so much for looking after our daughter like she was one of your own.  You have all been amazing and have supported us and her through a critical development stage.  We will miss you all.  Mum & Dad.”  (In their daughters words …… to everyone at The Lyme Nursery, thank you for looking after me!  You have watched me grow and listened to me always.  PS … Nursery Nurse - Lorraine, I like to … MOVE IT!”)
TR & SR.


Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery
Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery
Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery
Lyme Nursery, Day Nursery

“THANKS YOU'RE THE BEST! – Dear teachers and staff, thank you so so so much for being the most loving and caring for our daughter.  She enjoyed all of her 4 years at Nursery so much, learned a lot, made loads of friends and grew from a 10 month old baby to a confident little girl.  We will truly miss you all and remember her time at Nursery very fondly.  Mum and Dad” RM & VM.

“THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GROW - To everyone at the Lyme Nursery, thank you so much for everything you have done for our son.  It really does feel like the end of an era having known the Lyme Nursery for so long.  We will miss you all!  With lots of love from the P family! xxxx” LP & RP.


“BIG THANK YOU – So excited my daughter is starting school, but so sad she is leaving you all!  You have all been amazing and couldn’t have asked for a better Nursery.  We will call in to see you one day! Mum.  (In the little girls’ words  ….. to Nursery Nurse Isobel and all the other amazing staff at The Lyme Nursery, thank you for teaching me lots of things.  I will miss you lots and lots, EW xxx”)



 “THANK YOU – To all the Nursery staff, thank you very much for looking after my daughter and giving her the best memories.  She has made a lot of good friends and has learned a lot.  She has developed excellent drawing skills! Kind regards Mum” MJ.


 “THANKS A BUNCH – To everyone at The Lyme Nursery, thank you so much for caring for me and giving me the best 4 years, all my love OL (aged 4)”


 “SENDING YOU A BIG SQUEEZE – Dear all the Nursery staff at The Lyme Nursery, thank you so much for looking after me! Lots of cuddles RD (aged 3).”


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