"I can't believe that after 3 years of my son coming to Nursery every week that it's time to say 'goodbye'.  I just want to say thank you so much for looking after him from a tiny baby to the big boy he is now! ALL of you have bought him on so much. Every single one of the girls has helped care for him and has had a massive impact on his life so far and I'm sure he won't forget any of you. From 'molmol' when he was tiny to Jade, Sasha, Niki, Kelly, Laura, Billie, and Isobel as he's grown and developed. Also to all the office staff who have always been so accommodating. We will miss you all. RH". September 2019


"Thank you so much for caring, teaching and nurturing and loving our boys. From day one we were thrilled with the provision and trusted you with our prescious sons. What you have given both boys is a solid, loving foundation to start school and we will be forever grateful. HB". September 2019


"I cannot find enough words to express how sad we are to be leaving the Nursery. My daughter and I have had so much support over the last 18 months in every way. I am so grateful to God for all of you and the calm, consistent approach you all have to children and nurturing. My daughter has learned so much and I'm eternally grateful to you all. We will miss you. JW". September 2018.


"Thank you, thank you and thank you again for creating such a nurturing, caring and happy place for my daughter to grow and develop in the first few years of her life. She has become so much more confident through all of your help and support from Babies all the way to Seniors. She has always loved Nursery even though I left her crying in the mornings, I knew she'd be fine after a few minutes and she always was! Her favourite part of Nursery was playing out in the garden. She loves running and playing with all the toys. She has made lots of friends and with your guidance has learnt how to show empathy towards others. Nursery has become like a second home to us both and we are going to miss you all so so much. EM".  September 2018.

"Thank you so much for looking after our son with such care and kindness.  We have always felt completely relax leaving him at Nursery and we know he has had a wonderful time learning and growing with you.  Lots of love HG RG".  September 2019


To all at The Lyme Nursery, you are all amazing and I've truly felt so thankful that my son has been with you loving and crazy lot over the past 3½ years.  From Babies/Tiddlers where you saw me cry nearly every day I dropped him off for the first two weeks then in Toddlers, Seniors and Pre-school.  Just so many thank you's to each and every one of you for helping my little boistrous, loving, crazy son to have the best start so he can now go onto school confident and carry on with all the knowledge and fun you have given to him.  I know he will miss you all but he will always have great memories from here.  Thank you all again you have made my life so much easier knowing how much my son loved being with you.  KB".  September 2019.


"Thank you for the love, care and guidance you have given to my daughters.  Each of you has been amazing with them and they've developed fantastic relationships with you all.  The Lyme Nursery has been a huge part of our lives over the past four years and we will all really miss it.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything  GM".  September 2019.


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